Tuesday, 9 June 2009

10 Filmmakers to follow on Twitter


By Josh Jackson of www.pastemagazine.com.

As potent as they can be, our interactions with our favorite filmmakers generally only come once every couple of years and last for a scant two hours. What are they doing when they're not sharing their brilliant narrative visions with us? Well, at least some of them are sharing the decidedly less dramatic narratives of their life via Twitter (Greg Mottola: "i'm equally ambivalent on the green chili. Like the taste okay -- don't love the heartburn"). We've selected 10 of the most interesting filmmaker Twitterers for your following pleasure

Here are the filmmakers:

10. Robert Rodriguez - RobertRdz
The Sin City director just joined the world of Twitter (unless this is a fake) a couple of weeks ago when he gave the commencement speech to his fellow University of Texas graduates.
Best recent tweet: Just made my own "white noise" to sleep using 28 distinct tracks from my movie sound effects library.

9. Paul Feig - paulfeig
Feig directed I Am David and nearly all of my favorite TV shows (Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Mad Men, Weeds, The Office, Freaks and Geeks).
Best recent tweet: Hot dog martinis! Boil two hot dogs 10 minutes, remove hot dogs, discard, pour hot dog water into glass, top with gin, drink, vomit, repeat.
Runner-up: In assoc. with American Girl, I'm announcing the opening of American Man, which will sell dolls of men in various stages of alcoholic decay.

8. David Lynch - DAVID_LYNCH
If you ever want to know the weather in L.A., Dave's your guy.
Best recent tweet: Thought of the Day: The ocean of consciousness within shining brightly is calling.
Runner-up: Hi everyone. Here's today's thought of the day: Find something that will whisper the full value of life.

7. Jon Favreau - Jon_Favreau
Since his days as Monica's boyfriend on Friends, Favreau has gone onto better things—like directing Iron Man 2 and Tweeting about it.
Best recent tweet: Scarlett kicked ass yesterday. All of her preparation has really paid off. She has a great work ethic. A real pro.
Runner-up: Mickey Rourke just did a marketing photo shoot. It's the first time I saw him in full costume. I can't wait for the images to be released.

6. Lee Unkrich - leeunkrich
The Pixar director (Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo) talks us through the creation of Toy Story 3 and tells us about sneaking in a Toy Story logo onto one of the baloons in Up.
Best recent tweet: Last night I dreamt I was hanging out with Orson Welles, who was advocating the use of one's own saliva as a facial lotion. Analysis?
Runner-up: Just had another in an amazing series of recording sessions with Tom Hanks. I think this guy'll go far in this business...

5. Greg Mottola - GregMottola
The director of Superbad and Adventureland is shooting a new film called Paul with Seth Rogen, Simon Pegg, Bill Hader, Jane Lynch, Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Nick Frost and (according to his Twitter feed) Sigourney Weaver. Holy crap. He's also diggin' him some Iron & Wine.
Best recent tweet: after a NYC weekend visit, back in the Land of Enchantment (and Altitude Sickness and Meth)
Runner-up: Gillian Welch & Conor Oberst sing me to sleep with 'Lua', favorite sad song at the moment...

4. Errol Morris - errolmorris
The director of Fog of War and The Thin Blue Line packs a lot of substance into 140 characters like mini-ruminations on truth vs. narrative consistency.
Best recent tweet: RECOMMENDED GREAT (AMERICAN) AMPUTATION MOVIES: King's Row (1942), noir before noir, congenital insanity, sadism, what more could you want?
Runner-up: Why can't blog-posts be essays? And why can't tweets be haiku? Or better yet, short essays. Do you really care what I had for lunch?

3. Rian Johnson - rcjohnso
The director of Brick and The Brothers Bloom answers all the Tweets directed at him. The down-side is that gives his feed a pretty low signal-to-noise ratio. But it's also pretty cool that he responds to just about any question.
Best recent tweet: @EDouglasWW You have no idea the extent to which I am totally like the Jonas Brothers.
Runner-up: I plan on spending the entire q&a stroking a small piece of felt and saying phonetic variations of the word "Bertolucci"

2. David Wain - davidwain
The prolific writer/actor/director/blogger is also a prolific Twitterer.
Best recent tweet: Went to brunch on this rainy day and considered trading up on umbrellas on the way out. But ethics prevailed! A thread of hope for mankind!
Runner-up: Holiday morning and Manhattan is empty. Great chance to walk the streets, sack out. It's like, "hey my eyes are up here!"

1. Kevin Smith - ThatKevinSmith
He's in the middle of shooting a movie called "A Couple of Dicks" with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, so the number of penis puns is um... huge.
Best recent tweet: Wrapped Day One on A COUPLE OF DICKS without being one or sucking one. Bruce & Tracy are so good together, you'd think this was the sequel.
Runner-up: No sleep in 42 hours. Woke, shot, edited, showered, shot (film, not load in shower), back to edit, now finally some sleep. So far, so good.


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