Friday, 18 September 2009

deconstruct – a stereoscopic experiment by Tina Braun

Just wanted to share this great video with you... Best watched with 3D glasses (if you have some lying around)

The video is by an artist called Tina Braun who won the 3D Stereo Short Film Challenge with this piece

deconstruct – a stereoscopic experiment from Tina Braun on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The iPod of HD Video

Check out this new toy that allows you to record 2 hours of Ultra High Definition Footage. It couldn't be simpler...

1. Point and Shoot your footage with the Ultra HD Flip Mino which retails between £120 - £149
2. Play your footage back on the device using the simple buttons
3. Capture your footage by simply plugging the device in using the flip out USB 2.0 function and use the simple software to create HD MPEG's compatible with Final Cut Pro, Quicktime and many other popular Video software applications.

For someone who wants to point and shoot some cool footage and get their hands on it quickly this is a perfect gadget. I recently used one at a filmmaking workshop. We were able to loan the cameras out and then capture all the footage in minutes, then import with ease into Final Cut Pro to edit the HD footage (which looked great).

Small and very easy to use
2 hour of HD footage
USB 2.0 for drag and drop capture
FlipShare software is free and easy to use (once upgrade from website has been downloaded)
Files easily compatible with most video apps
Pre-purchase branding available

Fairly small screen (but once on computer footage looks great)
No still image function (yet!)
Software that comes with HD Mino is flakey (although free upgrade removes this issue)