Saturday, 24 October 2009

YouTube is 4 years old

With the world's biggest video sharing site nearing it's official fourth birthday we look at how YouTube took the world by storm. YouTube is the fourth most visited website on the Internet and has changed the way people ingest media and watch videos. It's shot the unlikeliest of candidates to stardom, and allowed videos of rare, wonderful,scary, creative and plain stupid things to be seen and shared by millions of users around the world.

YouTube invested millions into the users of their site and it paid off. YouTube didn't need to wait long before the users took control of the video site and made it their own. Crazes began to pop up over the web and as people around the world got better understanding of the video sharing concept it became the number one dumping ground for digital footage. Now at 4 years from it's official launch in November 2005 it's stronger than ever. Now that Google own the Video giant surely the success can only grow.


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